Return and Refund 退款及退貨

  1. 已出售的產品,概不接受退貨或更換貨物。請閣下於訂購前細閱退貨及退款政策。

  2. 如閣下於收貨後發現產品出現以下情況,可向我們要求退貨及更換產品。惟所有退貨或更換要求必須在收貨後2個工作日內通知我們,並於指定時間內完成退貨手續:
    (i) 產品已損壞 /包裝不完整
    (ii) 出現品質問題
    (iii) 遺漏或錯誤送遞產品
    1. 閣下必須就上述 (第2項) 要求提供證明以供核實,包括:
    (i) 出示有效文件 / 證據證明有問題之產品於 購買; 及
    (ii) 盡快把有問題之產品的相片透過本網站「聯絡我們」所提供的電郵 / 即時通訊軟件發送給我們作為證據; 及
    (iii) 要求退貨商品未經使用,並處於原先出售的狀態。
    1. 閣下符合上述要求及經本公司確認,我們會於批准換貨後 7 日內就相同產品安排更換或退款,如非更換產品出現品質差異,商品退換以 1 次為限。

    2. 退款時間為約5-10個工作天。一旦提交申請,退款不能被取消。

    3. 冷凍食品屬易腐壞性質,恕不提供退換貨服務,如果閣下的訂單因您提供的收件人地址不正確,或者我們按照條款和條件發貨而您拒絕收件,因我們無法確保貨品被退回之後的保存狀況,恕無法提供退換貨,您將不會獲退款。如果由於地址不正確而導致延遲送貨,或者如果您沒有及時通知我們並無法在交貨日期取貨而導致食品產生腐壞等保存不當之耗損時,我們則不會作出補償

    1. No return or exchange of merchandise will be accepted for sold products. Please read the Return and Refund policy carefully before you place an order.

    2. If you find your product(s) in situations listed below, you can request replacement of specific product(s) within 2 working days after delivery:

    (i) Breakage/ Incomplete product package
    (ii) Quality issue
    (iii) Short-shipment or wrong delivery

    3. You are required to provide proof for approval of any request (stated in clause 2) as below:

    (i) Provide valid proof of purchase from; and
    (ii) Send photos of the concerned item(s) to us via the email / instant messaging software contact information provided on [ Contact Us ] page at this site ; and
    (iii) The merchandise that require exchange are not used and are kept at original state.

    4. Once you meet the above requirements and confirmed by us, we will arrange the exchange with the same merchandise within 7 days. Unless the exchanged product is faulty, merchandise exchange will be limited to 1 time.

    5. Refund takes approximately 5-10 business days. Once issued, a refund cannot be canceled.

    6. We do not accept returns of frozen goods due to their perishable nature. If your order is returned to us because of an incorrect address provided or refusal of delivery when shipped according to our terms and conditions, we cannot guarantee the condition of the returned goods, and you will not be refunded. In the event an order is delivered late due to an incorrect address or if you are unable to retrieve on the delivery date without prior notification and thawing/damage occurs, you will not be refunded.